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Welcome back, up next on the blog is another technique video! The design application we are sharing is silk screening. Silk screens are commonly used to create tshirts but are similarly used to create designs on ceramics. We have a variety of silk screen options and our selection will continue to grow. We are including both step-by-step instructions and also a video. If you come into the studio we will be glad to help you accomplish this technique! 1. Pick your colors. Apply 2 coats of base glaze- for our tile the base coat was white.

2. Prepare your secondary color. Mix a dollop of paint and a dash of thickener into a mixing cup - for our tile we used red blaze.

3. Lay the silk screen in place, using your finger spread the glaze in circles making sure to get every corner.

4. Once there is even coverage, peel off the screen and reveal the awesome design below.

Check out the timelapse video which we took while creating our tile. We will add a picture of the tile after it has been fired. Be careful because once you use a silk screen you might get addicted to how easy it truly is! We would love to help you create your own piece using a silk screen, The Fire Escape Team

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