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create. paint. party.

Bridal Showers - Baby Showers - Retirement -or- Just Because
We can help you celebrate!
All parties require a $25 deposit which reserves your date and time. Food & cake are welcome during parties.

We offer a variety of drinks including soda, beer & other bottled adult beverages.**

You can book your party online, in store, or by calling us at (920)420-0700

 Pottery Painting

  • Minimum of 6 guests to book a party room for 2 hours 

  • Dedicated hands on help - pieces are fired in 1 week for pickup

  • Each guest will be able to choose their own piece we have a variety of options and prices range from $10-$100

board art party.jpg


  • Minimum of 6 guests to book 2 hours in our party area 

  • Dedicated hands on help - pieces will be finished at the end of party and ready to take home and hung right away!

  • Each guest will be able to choose from our available designs



Board Art

Brown Minimalist Happy Birthday (Card (Landscape)).png


  • Minimum 10 guests to book 2 hours in our party area

  • See design options online here

  • Two options for party:

    • ​Open Choice - each guest can choose the canvas they would like to paint, we will be available to offer advice and help

    • One Design - every guest will create the same canvas and instructor will go through entire canvas step by step like a class. 

  • Canvases will be finished at the end of party and ready to take home and hung right away!

Canvas Painting


  • Minimum of 5 guests to book a private wheel throwing party

  • Send an email with a request to book wheel throwing with at least one date and time that works for your group. We must confirm instructor availability before adding to our calendar. 

  • Class is $55/person to create 2 projects 

Wheel Throwing

and more....

clay gnomes 2.jpg
potty mouth f bomb.jpg

We are happy to host private parties for groups to create our specialty projects! Send an email to see about our instructor availability and details for each workshop:

Party Information 

Extra Studio Time

If you would like additional time in the studio to extend your party and would like to stay in the party room. Our party room is $20 for every half hour over the time limit. This must be planned at time of booking to ensure we don't plan another party.

If you would like to continue to create but don't want to reserve the party room for additional time you can absolutely move into our main seating area for no cost. 

Food & Drink**

We welcome food & drink in our party rooms. Legally we cannot allow you to bring in alcoholic beverages but any other food and drink is welcome. We do have a variety of adult beverages that we sell including beer, and other malted drinks.

We can provide fridge or freezer space and even outlets for crock-pots.


Need a reason to host a party at Fire Escape? Let us help you!
10 Great Reasons to Celebrate with a Party

1. Engagment 2. Retirement 3. New job 4. Promotion 5. New house 6. New baby 7. Wedding 8. Holiday 9. Birthday 
And our favorite...
10. Just because

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