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Creating with Lace

We would regularly like to share ideas on our blog to inspire our

customers! We will share both simple techniques and also more detailed designs. Our first design application we are sharing is the lace technique. Which is created very easily but has incredible results! We are including both step-by-step instructions and also a video. If you come into the studio we will be glad to help you accomplish this technique! 1. Pick 2 colors. Apply 2 coats of base color- this color will be the lace design. For our cup the base coat was white.

2. Position the lace on your piece.

3. Using a dot sponge apply a layer of your base color over the lace. This layer acts as a 'glue' holding down the lace and means that any color that seeps under will not ruin the lace design. Allow to dry.

4. Using a dot sponge apply 1-2 layers of your secondary color. Make sure to not apply in excess so dot the sponge on the table before applying to piece.

5. Once there is even coverage, peel off the lace and reveal the awesome design below.

Check out the timelapse video of the technique shown below - it truly a simple technique that has stunning results. We will make sure to share the piece again after it has been fired! We would love to help you design your own lace piece, The Fire Escape Team

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