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Life casting is an incredible way to capture and preserve memories. Hand castings make a great gift that will be cherished for years. 

    Life Casting!   


Infant (up to 1 year) 
       Hand or Foot   $35

Child's (ages 1-12 years) 

       Hand or Foot $40

       Pair of Hands $75

Adult (ages 12+)        

       Hand or Foot $50
       Pair of Hands $90

Family Hand Casting  
       3 Hands $ 130

       4 Hands $ 170

       5 Hands $ 200


New to the Studio


A new and exciting product to the studio is life-casting. Life-casting is a process of creating a three dimensional copy of a hand or foot using mold and casting techniques. We start by making a mold of the hand/foot.  A material is used that picks up fine details. After the mold has set we pour a plaster mixture into the mold that creates the 3D figure.


create. capture. cherish.

Specialty Lifecasting Pricing



Shadowbox (Flat Casts) 

Infant (up to 1 year)

     Hand or Foot   $20

Child's (ages 1-12 years) 

       Hand or Foot $25

Adult (ages 12+)

        Hand or Foot $30 

Completed "LOVE" 

Shadowbox  $100

Includes 3 flat casts the two letters and the black shadowbox. (Infant 

and child casts only)

Lifecasting Wreaths

3 Hands - $195

4 Hands - $240 
5 Hands - $290

These casts are made by appointment only Tuesday-Friday. To schedule your appointment please contact us at the studio at (920)420-0700. Each appointment will last between 45 minutes to 2 hours depending upon the number of hands. A large portion of this process is the planning process. The casting process takes under 10 minutes.  































Age Recommendations 
These age recommendations are just rough guidelines for the casting process, it will greatly depend upon each individual child. Young babies (under 3 months) are easy to cast while asleep. Over this age we recommend you consider doing a cast with your baby (two hands). Toddlers can sometimes love the casting process but they must stay still for 6-8 minutes so it will depend upon your child. Children over the age of 4 are usually great at listening to directions while casting and can hold still for the needed timeframe.


For more details or to schedule your life-casting please contact the studio 920-420-0700 or 

How does it work?

Make the Mold!


First step to life casting is capturing a mold of your hand(s). We utilize a fast setting mixture designed to capture fine details.

Pour the Plaster!


After we remove your hand from the mold, we pour a plaster designed to showcase all the fine details from the mold. It takes approximately 5-6 hours for the plaster to set. 

The Finished Piece!


After we pull the piece from the mold we allow the casting to dry for 10 days before applying the finishing touches. 

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