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create. paint.   collaborate.

We offer a fun environment to hold office parties or increase morale with a teambuilding event.

We make it simple to plan a memorable and fun event for your group. 

Imagine your team, standing side by side creating art becoming a stronger team! We disconnect from work to reconnect to each other. That is what makes a Fire Escape team building experience rock and what makes the investment in team building worth every penny. By creating together your team will improve communication, collaboration, and productivity. 

team building ceramics mugs corporate
team building oshkosh corporate

We offer a variety of team building projects including ceramics, canvas, and wood signs. Our favorite project is a coffee mug since your team will likely use it regularly which will be a great reminder of the lessons from their team building experience!


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Three Tips to Increase Team Building ROI

  • Continue the Dialogue : Plan a lunch or dinner as a team after the team building experience. The dialogue will have time to expand more after the formal debriefing. 

  • Schedule It Early : By holding your team building event early in the week you will have the opportunity to notice results. There will be increased creativity and productivity and better communicatino.  No sense wasting that energy on the weekend!  

  • Have Them Participate : Make sure that you include anyone who regularly interacts with your team. General Manager? New leader? We want them fully engaged and seen as part of the team! 

ceramic art team building downtown oshkosh

We pride ourselves on having a team building that is simple to plan! We can host your team building at your location, at our location or offsite. We will team build during business hours or after. We have a variety of team building project options for any budget and add-ons that can enhance the team building experience; 
-We offer a limited drink menu in house and allow food to be catered in from any restaurant. 


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