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Empty   Bowls

We collaborate with Oshkosh Empty Bowls to provide ceramic bowls for their fundraiser.
These bowls raise funds for our local food pantries.
You can help us by painting or creating a ceramic bowl - no special talents required! 

Learn more about the fundraiser, how you can attend or help online at

Donate  - A -Bowl

Each year Fire Escape hosts a month long Donate-A-Bowl opportunity.

You can stop in during our regular hours to purchase a bowl for $20. If you donate the bowl to the Oshkosh Empty Bowls fundraiser you receive a $10 gift voucher from us to create your own project in the future.

Donate-A-Bowl 2022
April 1st-April 30th

You can create bowls as a team building or group project for a special price - just send us an email to learn more and book a date.

We also host limited opportunities to create a bowl on a pottery wheel with an instructor!
See our class calendar for dates or send us a message.


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