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Wait? How Long Have You Been Here?

Since our opening we have heard this question- 'how long have you been here?' - a lot. The simple answer is almost 5 years. The technical answer is that our grand opening was January 31st 2015.

This blog post is going to be dedicated to answering some other questions we have been asked pretty often since we opened our doors, if you have any more questions please leave a comment or call us.

What is Fire Escape?

Fire Escape is a do it yourself walk in art studio plus we offer other workshops, classes and camps!

What can I do at a DIY art studio?

Stop in & make art! It really is THAT simple. We offer a wide variety of ceramic pieces plus you can also create wood signs and paint a canvas. No reservations; you simply just walk in and pick a project to create. We have ceramic figurines, home decor, dishes, boxes, and banks. We have over 100 wood sign designs and over 100 canvas outlines to choose from!

Where are you located?

In the heart of Downtown Oshkosh right where we belong! We did move in 2018 right across the street from our original location. Our address is 423 N Main St we are nestled between Kitz & Pfeil and Ruby Owl.

Do I need a reservation?

Nope, we are set up as a walk-in studio which means you can come in any time we are open and paint. If you would like to paint with a large-group, host a birthday party, or attend one of our special events than reservations may be required. We recommend calling us (920)420-0700 or booking classes or workshops on our class calendar

How much does it cost?

The cost depends on which item or items you choose to paint. We have small items priced at $5 and extra large items that are $75 but the majority of our pieces have an average price between $15 and $30. Our prices are all inclusive though so this means you will not pay additional fees for paints or for the firing. We welcome you to come check out the studio and our available selection whenever you want.

How long does it take?

Painting time completely depends on the painter. On average someone visiting should plan to spend an hour in the studio, some individuals may finish their piece much quicker than this, others may choose to paint over multiple days. The firing of your piece will take approximately a week.